Blame China for the U.S. heat wave?

Public Domain image Let me make something very clear at the beginning of this post: I am in no way making fun of the dangerous weather conditions that have gripped the western part of the United States and Western Canada over the past few days.  U.S. cities such as Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, are … Continue reading Blame China for the U.S. heat wave?

Minus 40 Celsius is…um, cold

A monument to the people standing just outside St. Basil;'s Cathedral The Moscow Times offers a fascinating photo gallery showing how Muscovites are putting up with bitter cold temperatures. (And, yes, to some of my Canadian friends, I know you’re dealing with temperatures that aren’t much “warmer.”)

Be thankful you live in…Pittsburgh? Yes.

Pittsburgh. If you live here, then you know of the many educational, cultural and other opportunities available to area residents. But there's another reason that living here is more than just a-ok. As the Associated Press notes, the Federal Emergency Management Agency reports Pittsburgh is among the safest places in the country. The Federal Emergency … Continue reading Be thankful you live in…Pittsburgh? Yes.