A quiz to determine if you are pro-life

By answering just a few questions, you can determine if you are pro-life. So, grab your pencil and a note pad. The rules are rather simple: Answer yes or no to the following 10 questions. Then add up the total number of yes responses. Ready? Here we go. Do you believe life begins at conception, … Continue reading A quiz to determine if you are pro-life

Remembering American myths

The terrible events that unfolded in Washington on Wednesday were another painful reminder that the myths of America often ring hollow. America speaks of exceptionalism, but remember how many Americans kill each other with little remorse. Unless the victim is considered pretty, white and female, the person who dies often does so with the country … Continue reading Remembering American myths

We must stop destroying our institutions

America enters 2021 still in the grip of a pandemic. One of the reasons coronavirus continues to burrow ever deeper into our society is the attack on science has succeeded; sufficient numbers of Americans believe coronavirus falls somewhere on a continuum of flu to hoax. The undermining of science is just one example of the … Continue reading We must stop destroying our institutions