Youth is wasted on the young The saying, of course you know Never more true these words When to war, they are told to go All youth, we do send? Please, do not be so daf' Those with means and money Theirs stay home, and laugh Fight for flag and country Honor, on you we … Continue reading Youth


The boy looks up at the man He sees it, feels it He cannot spell the word He doesn't even know what it means But he hopes when he becomes a man He will show it at the right time Like the man is right now When it matters most Courage


They once spoke in whispers Scampering to the darkness Whenever a certain someone was near Now in full throat they scream Demanding a moment in the light Knowing that someone is gone They are the feeble and the weak Yesterday, today and tomorrow


We look at the pretty people Imagine being part of their perfect universe Watch them amid the flashing of lights Dream of maybe becoming one If only our pain would disappear But it doesn't Ever