The man

The man told you no And you couldn't handle it What kind of an adult are you? Self absorbed, just a bit? Where is it written That you must always have your way? Perfect, you are not Not yesterday or today "Yes, I understand" The words, you should have said Instead mole hills became mountains … Continue reading The man


Looking back at those days When something different could have been done No, should have been done Or could have been said No, should have been said We demand change But how foolish of us to think That everything else would have happened as it did And when it did We cannot alter yesterday In … Continue reading Change

CGTN: The Ukraine crisis: The West’s provocative culpability

In my latest editorial for CGTN, I wonder what the current crisis in Ukraine might look like if only Western leaders had heeded an important piece of advice. No man is perfect, but good luck finding someone who understands geopolitics better than Henry Kissinger. The man celebrated most especially in the U.S. and China for … Continue reading CGTN: The Ukraine crisis: The West’s provocative culpability