CGTN: This is not what Biden’s supporters expected; it might only get worse

Photo: Anthony Moretti 19Jan2017

In my latest editorial for CGTN, I explore why Joe Biden’s first year as president has been awful. And it might not get better anytime soon.

The experienced Biden – with decades in the Senate and eight years as Barack Obama’s vice president – seemed a guarantee in an otherwise chaotic political landscape. Sure, he lacked Obama’s charisma, but he possessed none of the hate that consumed Trump. He would be a steady hand, and at a time the country needed it. 

Unfortunately, there has not been much since that January day to keep people smiling. And that supposedly steady hand has been shaky far too many times.

Four issues crippled the first year of Biden’s presidency. There is insufficient evidence to believe the White House has a plan to turn mistakes into successes next year.

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