Capitalism and COVID

The message seems inconsistent. Almost amoral.

Capitalism is supposed to continue, unabated, while individuals must rein in their behaviours and actions during the pandemic.

Someone, please, explain that to me.

Broadway closes, even for just a few days, but movie theatres do not. Why must these shows go on?

Restaurants remain open, but family gatherings are supposed to be limited. Why must those establishments continue operations if families are encouraged to not gather?

Sports events bring together people from communities near and far, but we are supposed to avoid “unnecessary” travel?

And spare me the idiotic argument that suggests the fully vaccinated are the only ones engaging in the movies, eating out and travelling here and there. In America, we fully vaccinated are the minority, a dangerously small percentage of the population. And we know our three shots do not ensure our safety; rather, our chances of getting ill are less than it is for others.

I’m left with just one conclusion: Capitalism must carry on, no matter what. Even if it means another wave.

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