The headline should read “Facebook sucks”

The story in question comes from the CBC. It's an increasingly common occurrence in India, where the use of smartphones has exploded over the past five years. Along with that technological trend came a dramatic increase in the use of social media platforms such as Facebook and, more particularly, its messaging service WhatsApp, which is encrypted and therefore … Continue reading The headline should read “Facebook sucks”


I will never understan' Man's inhumanity to man Whether white, black or brown Shoot 'em all over town Gay or straight, no matter the orientation Listen as they yell all across the nation Rachel and Tucker telling us what to think Just one of the reasons we're heading for the sink Left blames right, right … Continue reading Inhumanity

CGTN: America again failing coronavirus fight

In my latest editorial for CGTN, I examine why the U.S. seems destined for more misery from coronavirus and its many strains. These data require us to ask just how dangerous the nation's health situation will become before the federal and state governments admit the obvious: America might need another short-term lockdown. Over the past … Continue reading CGTN: America again failing coronavirus fight