Reminders of “greatness”

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 12July2016

Remember the rhetoric of greatness whenever

The veteran must beg for food

And the rich man walks by and mumbles “man up”

The single mother can’t afford daycare

And the married mother calls her lazy

The child over there can instantly die from a bullet

And the one over here can always lawyer up

The sister loses her dreams as she cares for her elderly parent

And her brother has the best clothes and new cars

The family that earns less pays more

And the family that earns more pays less

The one man “just had to listen to the cops”

And the other man just avoided a ticket

The “brilliant” people with a college degree say don’t get one

And the millions who swear they won’t

The truths become lies

And the lies become truths

The one person is a “token”

And the other person is a “hard worker”

The person who does right doesn’t win

And the person who does wrong becomes a hero

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