China Focus: The lesson about the Trump/Milley debate

Photo: Anthony Moretti 6Jan2018

In my latest editorial for China Focus, I look at the broader issue in the recent claims made by two American authors about Donald Trump and possible war with China.

That is the lesson in all of this: the depth of hate that has infected Americans’ thinking about China. To list every anti-Chinese and anti-Asian incident that has happened in the United States over the past couple of years would take days to document. But we do not need every case to draw an important conclusion: It is incumbent on the current president to change the rhetoric about China in the United States. And equally importantly, people like you and me who understand how important the political, educational, cultural, economic and social relationship is between the two nations to remain vigilant. We must ensure that no madman, now or in the future, decides that war between the two nations is a must.

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