CGTN: How a “righteous strike” became a “horrible mistake”

In my latest editorial for CGTN, I look at how the U.S. military adjusted its rhetoric from a “righteous strike” to a “horrible mistake” in describing a drone strike in Afghanistan.

Of course, there will be investigations in Washington. Republicans will attempt to blame President Joe Biden for failed leadership, while Democrats will suggest in the chaos that was Kabul that decent men and women can do something that in hindsight was found to be wrong. There will be talk of filing charges against one or more people, but that will never happen. Promises will be made about being more cautious in the future. Life will carry on.

Now just imagine how official Washington would be reacting if a certain other country had murdered 10 people in cold blood. They would demand international investigations. They would quickly announce sanctions against multiple people. They would ask the International Criminal Court to uncover the truth. But none of that will be of interest because what happened in Kabul was just a “horrible mistake.”

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