CGTN: WaPo scrutinizes Wuhan…again

In my latest editorial for CGTN, I remind readers that Western media continue to stubbornly believe that China has something to hide inside the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

According to the four reporters who created this latest fairy tale about the institute that Western media are convinced houses deep, dark secrets about the origins of the coronavirus: “Not everything there was meant for public eyes. Asked in 2018 what kind of viruses they kept by a reporter for the state-run Guangzhou Daily, the P4 lab’s deputy director, Song Donglin, replied that ‘disclosure of this kind of information must be controlled.’ WIV management has reminded staffers for years about state-secrets requirements and to be wary of foreign spies.”

I defy these same reporters to walk up to scientists at the most elite labs in the U.S. and demand to know what viruses are under examination inside those walls. Good luck getting an answer to that question. Oh, and those reporters should anticipate that some governmental agency would likely want to have a chat with them.

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