China Focus: China controlling delta variant; U.S. arguing over masks

My latest editorial for China Focus explores how China and the U.S. are dealing with the delta variant.

China adopted the full set of measures that must be taken in order to have any chance at controlling the virus; in effect, the virus needs to be starved, and the best way to do that is to limit people’s interactions with each other while ensuring that all the residents in the affected cities to be rapidly tested.

The plan worked. Just days ago, the Chinese government announced that there had been no new local cases reported. More importantly, no deaths had resulted anywhere in the country from the Delta variant, which scientists agree is the most lethal of the many that have formed from the initial virus.

Compare the situation in China to that in the United States. Multiple governors — most especially in Republican strongholds throughout the South — continue to resist everything that might limit the explosion of new coronavirus cases, including refusing to issue orders that people wear masks. Masks!

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