And you wonder why Biden’s predecessors wanted nothing to do with Afghanistan?

Blast Joe Biden for a terrible evacuation plan in Afghanistan?


Blast Joe Biden for inexcusably leaving Americans behind?


Blast Joe Biden for a terror attack on his watch?


But also accept two uncomfortable realities about the U.S. military presence in and evacuation from Afghanistan:

  1. The deal Biden’s predecessor made with the Taliban placed a burden on him that he either had to ignore (and therefore send more troops into the country) or live with it and attempt to get everyone out
  2. None of Biden’s three predecessors had the “guts” to end the war; instead of making the tough choices, they stalled and stonewalled and kicked the proverbial can down the road.

Therefore, what Donald Trump started (too late) and Joe Biden finished — flawed as it was — actually was an attempt to do the right thing: End a debacle of a military presence in another country knowing the people there viewed the U.S. as an invading force and that had no chance of succeeding.

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