CGTN: President Biden’s first major leadership test.

Photo: Anthony Moretti 18July2016

In this CGTN editorial, I examine why recent history provides Americans with images of a frightened leader in a time of crisis. And Democrats ought to be worried as a result.

If he had been as resolute earlier in the day, those aforementioned fears among Democrats might have been lessened. No one doubts the president cleared his calendar so he could consult with his political and military advisers about a message to the public and a potential response to the deaths of military personnel and innocent people.

But in doing that, he reinforced an impression that was already beginning to be cemented: The administration did not adequately prepare for the immediacy of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan and the humanitarian effort to get people out of the country seems haphazard. There is no nice way to say this: Biden might not be mismanaging the crisis, but he also does not appear to be managing it.

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