Taliban, to U.S.: Out by Aug. 31. And they’re right.

Imagine for a moment that an enemy had spent 20 years in your country trying to change hundreds of years of history.

Now imagine you were back in control of that country. And the enemy was slowly starting to leave.

Would you be blamed if you had told them to hurry up and get out?


Today, the Taliban made clear to the Americans that they must be out of the country in eight days. The Americans apparently can take as many people with them as the wish, but the proverbial door closes on the first day of September.

Let’s not mince words here: The Taliban are not good dudes. They can engage in all the public relations they want, but the bottom line is their values are not consistent with America’s. But more importantly, the Afghan people made very clear over the past two decades that they had no interest in buying what America was selling. And that refusal to adopt America’s political, cultural and economic values would have continued for one, 10 or 100 more years. Yes, it was time for America to go.

Sure, many Americans will look at the Taliban and think ‘screw ’em; we’ll leave on our terms and on our time.’

Well cowboy, it doesn’t work like that. America is the enemy invader, and the Afghan government wants it out.

As it should be.

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