Looking to kill teachers again, are we?

Here we go again.

One year ago, a tyrannical portion of the American electorate demanded that their elementary and secondary schools be opened, pandemic be damned.

This year, that same tyrannical portion is demanding that their children be allowed to attend school with no masks.

Let’s dissect this: One year ago, the tyrannical people wanted kids to be in school because, they insisted, there was no other alternative to learning, and, you know, “the teachers work for us.” This year, no kid can learn if he or she is subjected to wearing a mask. And, of course, “my child’s freedom will not be trashed by the stupid liberals or the teachers’ unions.”

Unfortunately, with at least one Fake News network propagated this nonsense, the blowhards can persist in their (wrong) belief that they’re right and represent real America.


That is all.

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