America did not fail in Afghanistan

The Taliban is taking over Afghanistan, which is leading to a flawed narrative in the United States: The American-led mission in that country has failed.


The reality is if the government, military and civil society did not embrace the lessons and examples offered by the U.S., then there’s only one conclusion to be drawn: The Afghans never intended to become what the Americans wanted them to be.

Forgive a potentially nasty response: Good riddance.

The U.S. committed 20 years and more than $1 trillion in an effort to create stable sources of power within the Afghanistan. America could have stayed another 20 years and spent another $1 trillion, and the situation there would be no different.

The Taliban represent nothing that impresses me; however, if that’s what the people of Afghanistan want, then that’s what they’ll get. Or if the sources of power there couldn’t muster enough support to strengthen their own cause, then the Taliban is what the country will get.

No more American blood, sweat, tears, lives and money should be spent on a mission that had no chance to succeeding. Suffice to say, the U.S. never had a chance to win hearts and minds.

Afghanistan will become what it will become, and America’s not responsible for it.

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