The unborn children of 9/11

The names of the men and women who died during the 9/11 attacks are etched in history at the memorial site where the World Trade Center towers stood. But some names contain the following words “and her unborn child.”

Those words are stark reminders that some of the victims never had the chance to experience love, friendship, loss, pain and the totality of emotions that come with life.

“And her unborn child” hit me hard as I walked around the memorial site this morning. I was reminded that flowers are placed on each person’s name to celebrate his or her birthday, and I saw the occasional personal display of remembrance for some people.

“And her unborn child” never had a birthday. Or a first day of school. Or a first boyfriend or girlfriend. Or a first stolen kiss. Or a first car. Or anything.

They are the silent victims of one of the worst days in modern American history. But they spent their final moments with the person who loved them most, their mothers.

Vanessa Lang Langer, you and the other women who were preparing to bring another life into this world are certainly comforted daily by God’s love. I hope your families feel the same every day.

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