China Focus: What is Washington’s Goal in pursuing the lab leak conspiracy?

My latest editorial for China Focus offers further evidence that I continue to find zero reason to support the lab-leak idea to explain the origin of the coronavirus pandemic. (And, yes, as always, you are encouraged to reply either to agree or disagree with me.)

Your first question: What do you think is motivating the media and the political elites in the United States as they continue to push for another detailed international investigation into the cause of the coronavirus pandemic?

Your possible answers:

A: Uncover the truth

B: Continue antagonizing China

I believe the answer is B, and I also believe that ought to be your selection. As an American citizen, it disappoints me to suggest that antagonism is the goal because A should be the only answer as the world continues to grapple with the deadly pandemic. Unfortunately, the politics of coronavirus has overwhelmed the science of coronavirus in the U.S., and you can point the finger of blame at the country’s political elite for advancing the narrative that more poking around inside the Wuhan Institute of Virology is necessary. After you are done pointing that finger, then redirect it and make sure you point it at the American media for also latching onto the idea.

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