CGTN: What was Axios thinking?

Writing for the CGTN website, a British international relations analyst questions what Axios was thinking when it interviewed Pakistan’s prime minister.

Axios moved to fundamentally misrepresent the prime minister’s position in the view to pushing its own anti-China political agenda, of which it has been notorious for, and published a subsequent article claiming that Khan was being silenced by China, stating: “Khan is silent for a simple reason: cash-strapped Pakistan has become increasingly financially dependent on China, for billions in loans and investment… These loans come at a price: the developing countries receiving them better not say anything publicly to incur China’s wrath.”

This is a patronizing, insulting and outright false depiction of the China-Pakistan relationship and the issue at stake. Although of course the two countries constitute two very different cultural and political systems, the smearing of Islamabad’s ties with Beijing as a mere product of “debt coercion” dismisses and abrogates a 70-year friendship that has been built on a common postcolonial and developing world solidarity which in doing so, shares common norms of respect for one’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity, of which the Western world has not been willing to adhere to, not least in its application towards Muslim nations.

Axios is the quintessential inside Washington publication.

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