An impromptu conversation

I stepped outside my Atlanta hotel tonight to get some fresh air and watch the rain come down. A young man approached me and asked if we could swap places; he was concerned that the direction of the wind was taking his cigarette smoke into my face.

We changed our spots, and what followed was a lengthy — I’m guessing 20 minutes — conversation about everything from race, the military, communication and more.

Long story short, the young man is currently in the military at Fort Bragg. He’s in town with some buddies for the weekend. When I told him I was a journalism and communication professor, our conversation really got started.

We chatted about everything from social media, interpersonal communication, how coronavirus turned many people into introverts and more. This “not as young as I used to be” man and the young man shared a few thoughts and a few laughs.

We shook hands and headed our separate ways. It was a great topper to the day.

Obviously, I’m leaving out lots of details of what he and I discussed; the point is not to dig into every topic we talked about, perhaps most especially so our privacy can be respected, but to remind everyone that you simply never know when a conversational moment will happen.

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