On this date

On this date

In one Ohio town

The law stormed in

They mowed some kids down

Blood here and there

One girl screamed in fear

Despite the still of the picture

Her voice, you did hear

Those kids were protesting

A war far away

Where even Mr. Cronkite knew

America ought not stay

But those politicians

They needed to be tough

So they sent someone else’s kid

To the jungle and the rough

They didn’t want pictures

Of protests here at home

So they used even more force

Against people who did roam

All across the land

From sea to shining sea

Bring ’em home, they cried

Before any more misery

More blood, more death

Because Tricky Dick was a man

Kill them here, kill them there

What a great and moral plan

On this date

In the Ohio town of Kent

America prayed for answers

With knee fully bent

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