Deutsche Welle takes shot at China

This opinion piece is the latest example of a Western news agency taking an unfair shot at China.

Deutsche Welle suggests China’s star is fading in the West and argues Western leaders must remain resolute in combating Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative.

World leaders and CEOs alike are used to verbal dexterity β€” or simply being silent β€” when dealing with the authoritarian Communist Party leadership in Beijing.

Balancing the need to keep China appeased because of its economic might, while also staying true to values and democratic principles, has become a key geopolitical challenge. But rather than constantly bowing to Chinese demands, the European Union needs to realize the enormous strength it possesses in competitiveness and innovation.

Missing from this assessment of China is the number of nations throughout the world — including the European Union — aligning with Beijing, a point I made in a recent blog post.

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