CGTN: Explaining U.S. Fears over Taiwan

A Moscow-based political analyst says there are clear reasons why America chronically fears Taiwan’s future.

The U.S. fears the inevitable reunification of China for several reasons. Firstly, that mutually beneficial outcome for the Chinese mainland and insular China would remove America’s primary geopolitical leverage over the People’s Republic of China. Secondly, it would in turn weaken the viability of the U.S.’s newfound “Indo-Pacific” policy which is in essence geared toward “containing” China. Thirdly, this would restore strategic balance to the Asia-Pacific, thus reducing the U.S.’s ability to divide and rule the region due to the fact that this pivotal island between East and Southeast Asia can no longer be exploited for such purposes.

These objective strategic observations are completely taboo to discuss in the mainstream media since they draw attention to the U.S.’s hegemonic motives for meddling in China’s domestic affairs. Wider awareness of them would erode the country’s soft power since they expose America’s self-interested designs that contradict its stated policy of “supporting peace across the world.” The reunification of China would be the most peaceful and stabilizing development of the century thus far, which is why the U.S. is so desperately seeking to discredit it by all means necessary, ergo the neo-imperialist projection of its own aggressive intentions onto China.

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