CNN: Retractions from NBC, NYT and WaPo over Giuliani/Russia warnings

CNN reports three prominent U.S. news organizations say they blew it when they suggested the FBI had warned Rudy Giuliani about Russia using him to spread false information.

The stories came out after Giuliani’s office and residence were raided by the FBI on Thursday. The searches were linked to a criminal probe of the former mayor’s business dealings in Ukraine and resulted in the seizure of several communications devices.

There are a host of issues here.

  1. Did the three organizations rely on the same source?
  2. Did other news agencies receive this information? If so, why did they not act on it?
  3. What vetting process was used to verify the information with a second source?
  4. Was the information designed to scare Giuliani, or as a setup to embarrass the three news organizations?
  5. Was this morsel simply too good to resist because Russia was linked to the story?

And what, if anything, will happen beyond the retractions?

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