National Review: Biden not being tough enough with China

The conservative news magazine suggests President Biden is not following through on a campaign promise regarding China and the coronavirus.

Although the administration is pushing for the WHO to demand more data from Beijing, it’s not demanding that U.S. inspectors be let into China, as President Biden promised he’d do on the campaign trail.

Criticizing the president for not being tough on China is folly. Do we not remember how the U.S.-China meetings in Anchorage began? Are we ignoring the U.S. decision to accuse China of genocide in Xinjiang? Is Biden’s planned support for the Strategic Competition Act not indicative of unnecessarily provoking China?

Biden seems quite content being tough on China. If he does anything more, we might as well advance straight to the 21st century Cold War. Suffice to say that Beijing is wondering if that event already has arrived.

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