Vaccine makers fear China and Russia, appear willing to let people die to get their way

The Financial Times reports U.S. vaccine makers believe they must be protected from China and Russia. But such protection could cause many more people to die.

Remember, more than 100 nations have supported the idea of a temporary patent waiver that would expand production of coronavirus vaccines around the globe, and plenty of politicians are urging the White House to endorse it.

Vaccine makers claim that expansion would cripple innovation. That’s nonsense. What is not: Big Pharma’s willingness to play the China and Russia cards; this is a clear scare tactic and designed to get Americans to fear what Beijing and Moscow might do with access to the vaccine information.

Profits over people, with a dose of unnecessary fear thrown in.

Keep in mind the following information in this CNBC story:

To date, an average of one-in-four people in high-income nations has received a Covid vaccine, compared to one-in-over-500 for people in low-income countries.

At the current rate, the bulk of the adult population in advanced economies is expected to have been vaccinated against the virus by the middle of next year, whereas the timeline for poorer economies is likely to stretch to 2024 — if it happens at all.

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