A concept corrupted by political ideology.

Freedom cannot come from the place in which you live; rather, it comes from your spirit. Are you happy? Are you fulfilled? Do you embrace opportunity, no matter how unusual it might seem? Do you toss aside what seems certain in favour of taking a risk, knowing that risk contains what you seek?

Are you living to satisfy external forces that care nothing for you, or for the chance to be truly you? If you have power in order to stroke your ego, you will never know freedom.

Are you shackled by things that falsely promise freedom? Money cannot buy you freedom; it merely guarantees an avoidance of financial poverty. Living in a particular country does not guarantee freedom. Consider how many people live in supposedly free countries but who are miserable because they are trapped by factors they cannot control. A specific job title is never a ticket to freedom; if that job consumes you, then you have nothing.

I wish I were free. Someday, I might be.

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