The Nation: National Security AI Commission Recommends Ramping Up a Military Tech Race with China

The Nation suggests U.S. leaders and private citizens should strongly consider what engaging in a tech race with China will mean.

The author suggests the need for such a race develops from Cold War-era thinking.

If all this has a Cold War ring to it, that’s hardly accidental. The authors of the NSCAI report repeatedly employ Cold War shibboleths to reinforce their entreaties, beginning with the all-too-familiar claim of a weapons “gap”—except with China now replacing the USSR as the designated enemy, and AI-enabled devices replacing bombers and missiles. “AI systems will extend the range and reach of adversaries into the United States just as the missile age…brought threats closer to home,” they wrote. And just as the USSR once viewed ballistic missiles as the way to overpower the United States, “China sees AI as the path to offset US conventional military superiority by ‘leapfrogging’ to a new generation of technology.”

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