A moment to think

Sometimes things come together in ways you might never have imagined.

Today was one of those days.

Tiffany Guthrie is the director of the RMU Counseling Center, and she spoke to one of my classes today. If it had not been because a student asked for such an appearance, it never would have happened.

I deliberately built the first half of the course around opportunities for the students to meet professionals who shared their thoughts on internships, job hunting, resume building, the power of diversity, being a leader and more. I asked the students at the end of that presentation cycle if there was something I had forgotten to include and that was important to them.

Mental health was one of the topics. I confess when I read the message asking for a conversation about mental health, I felt I had dropped the ball. Why had I not recognized the importance of that topic especially now with students seeking a variety of professional opportunities during a pandemic? Perhaps it was a good thing that I did.

Long story short, today was the date Tiffany and I scheduled for her appearance. And she delivered a master class about the big and small things all of us can do to take care of ourselves and to recognize when others around us might be in need of a pick me up. (Summarizing Tiffany’s 70-minute presentation in that one sentence does not do it justice. Her message was simply awesome.)

After class, a student notified me that the message Tiffany delivered today was exactly what that student needed and on the day it was really needed. You know that feeling that washes over you when you know something special happened? I felt that as I read the student’s note. Yes, today was supposed to be the day for that mental health conversation. It simply was.

RMU is a special place. People like Tiffany Guthrie are one of the many reasons why.

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