A few thoughts on the Harry/Meghan interview

Because I refused to watch the Harry/Meghan interview tonight, you are welcomed to suggest I’ve no right to write anything about it.

Good luck with that.

I have a few questions:

1. Is it appropriate to call the interview news? Based on the number of news organizations already tweeting up a storm about it, I think we have that answer. (Let’s set aside whether the answer is the correct one, shall we?)

2. So recognizing it is considered a news event, will journalists acknowledge they have only one side of the story? Or will they try to convince their audiences that every word from the two protagonists should be believed, full stop?

3. Do you agree the royal family deserves a similar lengthy interview with an interviewer of their choosing? If such a conversation takes place and it involves a British interviewer doing the interview in the U.K., will the U.S. news media apply the same “scrutiny” to it as they will to tonight’s interview?

4. Related to this, if a royal family member disputes anything said in tonight’s interview, will a kind-of he said, she said narrative be created? However weak such news narratives often are, at minimum they allow the audience to more firmly determine who is telling the truth. And news is about uncovering facts, right?

5. Will sufficient attention be given to the most serious statements made, specifically how women can be driven to suicidal thoughts because of their living arrangements? Or will the “wow” of what was said be talked about for a couple of days before the media move on to something else? What Harry and Meghan spoke of is a situation too many women know all to well; their words must have a purpose beyond the “wow” factor because…their interview has been classified as newsworthy. (As to whether the skin colour of their child would pass muster in the palace, I simply say this: If it’s true, how painfully out of touch with reality one or more people in that family is. That’s the nicest way I can phrase it.)

If what millions of Americans watched tonight were a trial, then the prosecution made is case. And it appears it was a powerful and persuasive one. In the courtroom, the defence would be allowed an equal opportunity to present its evidence. Any of you sitting in the jury box in the court of public opinion tonight should be asking for the same.

Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan appear in love and happy. Perhaps that’s all that matters. And that most definitely is not news.

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