A voice from this side

Another from over there

Demand to know right now

My opinion, it falls where

Sometimes I know the answer

Other times I need a pause

I wait for my right time

To choose whatever the cause

I sometimes will agree

With what you say or want

But when I do not

Do not mock or taunt

Blindly saying yes

Blindly saying no

This removes all thinking

And that’s a place I will not go

You will not force me

To move hither or yon

If that disappoints you

Then soon you will be gone

I hold the wheel steady

In good times and in bad

Perfect, I will never be

Whether smiling or sad

But I try to do right thing

For God, family and self

Ideas that will help me

Make it to the shelf

These words they remind

You but more so me

To seek the honorable

Wherever it might be

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