Respect the world court? Well…

Let me see if I have this right: Joe Biden wants an America that projects a more humble, more open, more caring image. It also would appear he’s serious about undoing the ridiculous decision his predecessor made, one that removed the U.S. from the JCPOA, the more commonly called “Iran/nukes deal.”

And yet, when the International Court of Justice ruled the other day that Iran had a legitimate case to seek overturning the brutal sanctions imposed by Biden’s predecessor, the State Department chose to…fight it.

Needless to say that choice has drawn a rebuke from Tehran. The Iranians are correct: If Biden is honest about wanting to again bring Iran to the negotiating table, then he also must respect international law.

The Iranians have dropped hints since Biden became president that they’re ready to talk. There’s every reason to believe they are. Delay — much like disrespecting international law— doesn’t offer any evidence Biden is ready to practice what he’s preached.

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