CNN: Iran is ready for a new relationship with the US, but the clock is ticking, says Foreign Minister Javad Zarif

This news ought to set off a few unnecessary alarm bells throughout the U.S.: Iran says it’s ready for a new relationship with America. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif made that remark in an interview with CNN.

The irrational fear and anger much of America has about Iran — borne from 40+ years of one official statement after another claiming Iran is led by a hate-filled regime that has to be taught a lesson in American leadership — will lead to knee-jerk responses. One already can hear the “You can’t trust Iran” cry echoing across the land.

The narrative must change, and new leadership in Washington could allow for that to happen. But Americans can do their part as well; question the U.S.-led narrative and ask why the stated benefits of such a narrative might not be based in reality.

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