Recent reminders that power can be abused, and the innocent always suffer

Over the past few days, Americans have again demonstrated that arrogance and power too often take place in the shadows. And when they do, the innocent suffer the effects.

The news from the Associated Press noting that hospital donors had moved way up the queue to gain access to the precious coronavirus vaccine highlighted how money can corrupt. The New York Times followed with a report in which multiple young men claimed a prominent political figure made sexual advances toward them. This story served as a reminder that power can ruin lives.

The terrible reality is that neither the rich hospital donors nor the well-connected political figure are likely to suffer much for their actions; and even if they do, those penalties are sure to be muted because these people can afford the best attorneys who can fight for the most lenient legal sanctions. Instead, it will be the men and women who should have received a vaccine but didn’t, and perhaps as many as 21 young men who say they were violated by a grotesque man who will bear the brunt of being innocent.

Wealth and influence are admirable only if they are used for good ends. Some people use them for their own selfishness. They also are symbolic of a country that allows money to control far too much. Remember that the next time you hear Americans preach to people from another country.

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