The contestants are ready!

The stadium announcer says:

“In Lane 1…Maria from Mexico. We gotta back her up a few paces because we need to make sure she’s in this race legally.”

“In Lane 2…Elizabeth from England. Give her a round of applause, folks. Those English ladies are our friends.”

”In Lane 3…Raisa from Russia. If anything goes wrong in this race, blame her. Everything that goes bad these days is Russia’s fault.”

In Lane 4…Annie from America. Nothing more needs to be said!”

”In Lane 5…Izna from Iran. Ignore the law enforcement paying close attention to Izna. You can’t be too safe, if you know what I mean.”

”In Lane 6…Caihong from China. Can’t trust those Chinese, my friends. They want to own everything. Don’t you dare take your eyes off her throughout the race.”

“In Lane 7…Bisa from Botswana. Seems like those African runners are always good, so she’s a real threat to beat our girl Annie.”

”In Lane 8…Patti from Panama. Patti might be disqualified at any point. You see, Patti was born Pablo, and there’s real doubt in some people’s minds as to whether she ought to be allowed in this race at all and just where she should be lining up.”

“Alright, fans, there you have it. The eight…but it could be seven…racers. So, stand by, the starter’s pistol will go off in just a couple of seconds. And please don’t let stereotypes or nationalism determine who to root for!”

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