Indian journalist says she was duped into believing she had a teaching job at Harvard

Harvard Stadium, Cambridge, MA. Public domain photo.

Something doesn’t add up.

A prominent television journalist in India says she quit her job there because she was offered a faculty position at Harvard.

The Boston Globe has the details.

“While I was making preparations to take up my new assignment, I was later told that due to the ongoing pandemic, my classes would commence in January 2021,” she wrote in a tweet that had been shared nearly 17,000 times.

Soon after, Razdan said she began noticing “a number of administrative anomalies” about the process that the person — or persons — described to her during their correspondence.

Here’s what bothers me about this: To believe this story, I have to accept Nidhi Razdan agreed to teach at Harvard and never once went online to learn anything about the (nonexistent) journalism program at the university.

Not once?


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