White terrorists went home

I don’t know the law well enough, but I know with certainty that thousands of people — and from what I’ve seen on television they are all white — broke multiple laws today when they mobbed the Capitol building.

It appears almost all of them will leave and not in handcuffs.

How is this possible?

How can men and women violate one of America’s most hallowed symbols of democracy and then leave as if they had just accidentally walked into the wrong room?

What message does it send that a mob — acting with the support of the president of the United States — can terrorize 535 members of Congress and their aides, not to mention journalists and innocent bystanders, and then be allowed to walk away?

Even if we accept the mob outnumbered law enforcement, why not handcuff these losers once the difference in numbers started to even out?

It’s not the best image to show the country and the world about what some people can get away with.

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