“Keep doing it.”

 “I have been. You know that. But when is it your turn?”

 “That I cannot do.”

 “But why?”

 “I like things as they are.”

 “I liked it that way, too. But I changed, and so can…”

 “And you should keep doing it.”

 “Not you?”

 “You, yes; me, no.”

 “I don’t understand.”

 “Perhaps one day you will.”

“I’m confused. I should keep doing what I’m doing, and you should keep doing what you’re doing. Even though I’m doing what you want me to do, but you’re not doing it, too?”

 “It’s not that simple. See, you have to, but I don’t.”

 “I did what you asked.”

 “No, you did what you wanted, and what I wanted.”

 “Can’t I stop?”

 “Go ahead and try. You just try.”


 “You can’t. And you know it.”

 “I can be more like you.”

 “After all you’ve already said and done? No, you can’t.”

 “You’re saying I’m stuck doing what you want even if it’s no longer what I want, and it’s not possible for me to become you by stopping?”

 “Do it. Right now. I dare you. Your friends will hate you.”

 ” I…I can’t. I can’t do it.”

 “Of course. And your friends and I thank you.”

 “For doing what?”


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