white men as domestic terrorists

The news from Nashville and Rockford, Illinois, over the past couple of days reminds us the U.S. media must tell the full story about the men responsible for these actions.

The man who apparently blew himself up inside an RV in Nashville was white and an American citizen.

The man who shot dead multiple people in a Rockford bowling alley was white and an American citizen. He also was in the military.

Because the media are quick to tar most especially Muslims as “radicalized” and “terrorists” when they are responsible for such actions, they must label these two Americans in the same way.

It is incumbent on the media to swarm the houses of worship these men attended, if they attended any, and probe what teachings they heard that might have led them to bomb and shoot.

The media must examine the roots of the religion the men practiced, if they practiced any, to find the necessary texts that demonstrate that faith is prone to violence.

The neighborhoods in which these men lived must be scrutinized to see if other people “who look like them” might harbor similar nefarious aims.

It would be wise to track any travel, especially to international destinations, these men made in recent years. Perhaps in those locations another thread linking them to radicalizing them can be found.

If either or both of these domestic terrorists had been Muslim, those kinds of questions would be on the table. Let’s not remove them because the terrorists are white and (claimed to be) Christian.

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