TIME’s wasted POY award

TIME announced the other day that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had been named its joint Person of the Year.

A terrible pick.

The magazine’s honor — and let’s admit, the recognition held more credibility in an era in which the magazine was a real player in American media discourse — ignored reality: Neither Biden nor Harris influenced America to the degree someone else did.

The honor should have gone to the man who was most important in guaranteeing their victory. Without this individual, whose influence became especially clear only after the election, Biden would have remained in retirement and Harris in the U.S. Senate. It’s because of this person’s power that Republicans have had to file lawsuits contesting the election.

Yes, my friends, only one person should have received the Person of the Year honor.

Hugo Chavez. Chavez — dead since 2013 — sat at the top of a pyramid that doomed Donald Trump. He, from the grave mind you, demonstrated international power he couldn’t when he was alive and eradicating Venezuela’s reputation on the global stage.

Chavez suffocated democracy during his tenure in Venezuela and now has trumped Trump in the United States.

How could any other person be recognized by TIME?

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