The 2020 college football season

Team 1: We’re no longer playing you because you’re no longer playing.

Team 2: Actually, we changed our minds and we are playing. But only with our conference teams.

Team 1: That’s fine. I’ve found someone else to play.

Team 3: Uh, sorry. We cancelled.

Team 1: Wait. We can switch this game against Team 4 from this date to that date.

Team 4: Fine with us. We just need to switch that game with Team 5.

Team 5: Nope. Can’t.

Team 4: Why?

Team 5: Because Team 6 that was supposed to play that day already found another game.

Team 6: Team 3 already got in touch with us.

Team 1: So, wait, Team 3 cancelled with Team 6 and that means we can’t play Team 4?

Team 2: We just cancelled a conference game, but Team 7 stepped in. We’re playing tomorrow.


Team 2: That’s because we wanted to keep the money among us, but when one team cancelled we needed to fill the spot so we didn’t lose the money.

Team 8: Anyone need a game?

Team 1: Unfortunately, you’ll weaken our overall schedule strength.

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