Trump’s “vile character” is the problem

Photo: Anthony Moretti 20Jan2017

Donald Trump’s defeat is one that I celebrate.

My disdain for the man has everything to do with the absence of civility, grace, humanity and decency he has shown as president. He’s an ugly man.

Yes, I know, his policy choices have far more impact on the nation and the world than his vile character. However, that misses an important point: The president ought to be given significant latitude to pursue the policies that won him the election. While I didn’t support many of them, Trump earned the right to advance them.

He disgraced the Office of the President of the United States more times than I can remember at this moment. One can hope he exits in roughly 10 weeks with some decorum. I won’t be holding my breath.

A man of no character won’t suddenly find it now.

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