Okay, folks. You tell me who wins.

Here we go.

Two questions.

Provide your answers in the reply box below (NOT ON FACEBOOK OR TWITTER).

Question 1: How many Electoral College votes do Joe Biden and Donald Trump get in the 2020 presidential election?

Question 2: What will the Democratic/Republican makeup of the new Senate be?

I won’t leave you without providing my own guesses.

  1. Biden 319, Trump 219. (I think Biden wins the same 232 Electoral College votes Hillary Clinton did in 2016, and he adds Wisconsin (10), Michigan (16), Pennsylvania (20), Florida (29), Arizona (11) and one from Nebraska. I don’t believe Biden will win Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio or Texas.
  2. Democrats 52, Republicans 48.

Okay, your turn.


6 thoughts on “Okay, folks. You tell me who wins.

  1. 1. I don’t know the exact numbers, but I suspect it will be down to the wire. A single swing state will likely decide the election, MAYBE two.
    2. 52 Democrat, 48 Republican

    1. Same as you but for Florida – not for any good reason but for a hunch about the panhandle and growing and vocal Venezuelan community (290, 261), 52, 48

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