The election will not solve America’s civic disengagement

Photo: Anthony Moretti 18July2016

Americans can’t be blamed for being excited for next Tuesday. While we might not know who won the presidential election when we go to bed that night, far too many of us are eager to see this election season end.

But the partisan divide will continue.

One candidate can’t fix it, and the other candidate has no interest in fixing it.

The irony is the left and the right are talking about the same issues, but they remain steadfast they’re correct in the positions they hold. Worse, they remain interested more in mocking the people who dare to disagree with them.

Pick your topic: Immigration? Guns? Abortion? Gay rights? Social justice? Police reform?

There’s no need to rehash the now familiar arguments emanating from the left and the right on these issues.

If you think a “Blue Wave” — and one is possible next week — will force the right into some kind of an act of contrition, you’re kidding yourself. Likewise, if you think another Republican surprise will compel the left to tone down their rhetorical blasts, you, again, are in denial.

My mother often reminded me “don’t air your dirty laundry for all to see.” Americans of all sorts of political stripes are doing just the opposite: They’re engaging in full throated vulgarity, boasting as they go.

We can hope, however fruitless such thoughts might be, that Americans see the need to be mature after November 3rd.

Yes, I know, good luck with that.

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