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Collapse of American civil society?

There’s a danger in reading too much into one survey, but the numbers reported in one Boston Globe story serve as a stark reminder that American civil society is frayed. According to the newspaper, A nationwide tracking poll this month found that 58 percent of those surveyed said they’re stocking up on essential goods, up … Continue reading Collapse of American civil society?

RMU Sentry Media: RMU professors examine election

Someone you know and love (like? tolerate?) is mentioned in this story from RMU Sentry Media. Dr. Soren Fanning and Dr. Anthony Moretti sat down in Wheatley’s atrium on Oct. 15 to discuss the communication styles and effects of the presidential and vice presidential debates. Dr. Fanning, who specializes in World History and is an … Continue reading RMU Sentry Media: RMU professors examine election