The first presidential debate

The first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden takes place tonight. I admit this is the first election cycle I remember in which the debates weren’t a must-see program in my mind.

Yes, I’ll be watching, but I confess there’s nothing either man can say tonight that will sway my vote.

I think back to 2016, when I knew I’d be voting for Hillary Clinton, and I still anticipated the first debate. I was traveling, and I confess I can’t remember for what work purpose, and watched from my hotel room.

I can go back to 2012, 2008 and so on, confident that the debate was important.

I don’t feel the same sense of importance this year. I’m not tired of politics. I’m not tired of engaging in political discussions. I’m certainly not planning to watch anything else (though I might be checking the baseball scores!).

What’s different this year? Trump’s absolute disrespect for the Office of President of the United States is at the root of it. He wantonly disregards the law, and he doesn’t care. Worse, Republicans inside and outside Washington endorse his defiance.

His disregard for America means I loathe watching him.

Tonight, I will. But I’ll come away counting the days until Election Day.

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