The World Series match up you want…

…is probably not the World Series match up you’re going to get.

Here’s how the 2020 Major League Baseball playoffs will go:


1 Los Angeles over 8 Milwaukee: If the Brewers lead after any inning in this series, it will be major news.

7 Cincinnati over 2 Atlanta: Gut feeling: The Reds take advantage of their starting pitching to steal this series.

3 Chicago Cubs over 6 Miami: The Marlins were the feel-good story of the regular season. They might win one game in this series.

4 San Diego vs 5 St. Louis: The Padres might be vulnerable, but the Cardinals don’t appear to have the offense to get the job done.


1 Tampa Bay over 8 Toronto: The Rays have every reason to dream about a World Series appearance this year.

2 Oakland over 7 Chicago White Sox: The Athletics breezed to a division title, while the reeling White Sox picked the wrong time to quit winning.

3 Minnesota over 6 Houston: The Twins might not be at full health, but they won’t need to be against a team that never hit its stride this season.

5 New York Yankees over 4 Cleveland: The hardest opening-round series to project. Cleveland must win Game 1 with Shane Bieber on the mound.


1 Los Angeles over 4 San Diego: The Padres are closing the gap on the Dodgers, but the gap is still wide.

3 Chicago Cubs over 7 Cincinnati: The Cubs did a lot right during the regular season. Cincinnati is too inconsistent to win two series this fall.


1 Tampa Bay over 5 New York: Be careful: The Yankees are getting healthy. But the Rays will find a way to win this series.

3 Minnesota over 2 Oakland: This series will go the distance. These are two teams that rarely steal the national headlines but find ways to win.


1 Los Angeles over 3 Chicago Cubs: On paper, no other National League team appears capable of beating Los Angeles.


1 Tampa Bay over 3 Minnesota: Unless the Rays emptied the tank to beat the Yankees, they’ll remain on track for a World Series appearance.


Los Angeles over Tampa Bay: The Dodgers will get the job done this year, meaning two of their last three championships will come in shortened seasons. But, hey, a championship is a championship.

In the reply box below, tell me the World Series match up you want to see. If I get what I want, it will be San Diego vs Toronto.

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