REPORT: B1G 10 (with 14 schools) inching closer to playing football in fall (But perhaps without 14 schools)

Let’s face it, folks: The Big 10 (with 14 institutions) Conference is going to do it. Its leaders soon will vote to revoke their no-fall-football plan, announced roughly one month ago, and allow the sport to be played.

The Columbus Dispatch reports

An Ohio State source told The Dispatch it appears to be happening, putting teams in position to return to the field.

“I think everything we’re hearing is that it’s going to move that way,” the source said. “It’s just the timing of when to start.”

For a good laugh, read deeper into the story. There, you’ll find this:

Appearing on ESPN’s “College GameDay” program on Saturday, Ohio State coach Ryan Day said a mid-October kickoff would allow his team to compete for a spot in the College Football Playoff. …

“But first things first, let’s just make sure that we figure out a way to do this safely, then we’ll tackle that next,” Day said, when discussing the playoff race during his ESPN appearance.

Week, at least we know what really matters: the championship.

An earlier story noted that the conference could choose to move forward without all its teams playing. Wouldn’t that be special.

The Not Quite Big 10 Conference (with fewer than 14 schools competing).

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