A B1G Mistake?

The leaders of the Big 10 (with 14 schools) might make a terrible mistake as early as tomorrow.

ESPN reports that conference leaders could vote on Sunday whether to reverse a decision to cancel all fall sports.

Yes, the lust for football money is strong with this bunch.

The conversation about what to do takes place as two Big 10 schools report major coronavirus problems.

Michigan State officials are pleading with their students to self-quarantine after almost 350 coronavirus cases were identified on the campus. And officials at the University of Iowa say more than 100 cases were identified there over the past two days.

The almost Orwellian message: Let’s quarantine students while potentially restarting sports, which foster a party atmosphere on campus.

Yes, students need to follow the rules; however, restarting sports smacks of Pavlov ringing the bell and then punishing the dogs for approaching.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.


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